P64 Module (Official Release)


>>>Range Test Repository<<<

>>>Quick Tips!<<<

  • You can unscrew the bottom of the module slightly to decrease tension if you feel any areas are too tight or are getting stuck!
  • Tighten the cap screw tightly with the T10 Torx Screwdriver (orange) so they don’t spin off during gameplay!
  • Although not required, to return a fresh, brand new feeling, you can open the module and wipe it down with a paper towel (dry), then re-lube as necessary!
  • All modules come with a free pack of lubrication! Apply as much or as little as desired to customize the feel for your own personal needs!
  • Maximize the usage of the installed tip prior to attempting to install new tips. The new tips may require minor sanding and positioning adjustment to work.


>>>Package Contents<<<

  • White Bag:
    • 1x T10 Torx Screwdriver (Orange)
    • 1x 1.4mm Flathead Screwdriver (Silver)
    • 1x Pack of Lube
  • Black Bag:
    • 2x Replacement Teflon Tips + 2x Steel Nub Holder
    • 1x Jet Black Replacement Cap + 1x Replacement Cap Screw
  • Blue Bag:
    • 1x P64 Module (Official Release)
  • [Optional: Installed in an OEM N64 Controller]



  • Replacement Tip Installation Guide
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