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The Crux

The N64 controller is arguably both the greatest and worst gaming controller in all of history.

Its visual and tactile aesthetic is undoubtedly superb, especially considering its release date. Even today, there may still be no better experience than opening up and moving the joystick around on a brand new 10/10.

But why the worst, then? In short, wear. Vigorous play leads to huge deadzones that drastically spoil the user experience, and one of the games this is most easily noticed in is a game called Super Smash Brothers (for the N64).

A Bit of History:

For around a decade, the game had next to no significant community, with even its successor “Melee” boasting a community hundreds of times larger.

However, a single player (“Isai”) sparked one of the most incredible Retro Game comebacks history has ever seen.

In 2006, inhuman and seemingly frame perfect combos, as well as heroic victories over top players from across the world, were shared by Isai on his YouTube channel MevseC (now, “Isai Alvarado”). Slowly but surely, this seemingly “dead” community was being revived.

This unstoppable “SSB64” wave inevitably reached my hometown of Toronto. Numerous tournaments were held over the years, but one standout major was “Impulse” which took place during the summer of 2013.

Although I aimed for 1st, superbly talented individuals left me settling for 3rd. The train home that day was a long and depressing one.

But what perhaps frustrated me more was when I noticed how quickly the N64 controller’s stick wore down as the result of of the demands of rigorous competitive play. Although I strongly believed in the potential for “SSB64” to grow, it was clear that this controller flaw would continue to haunt and put a cap on how large this community could ever grow to.

My interest in the N64 controller led me to notice that it was not just the SSB64 community that was suffering, but also numerous speedrunning communities.

Take for instance the absolutely colossal Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask OZ community, or the Super Mario 64 community. Those are just a few of the leading names, but nowadays there are actually incredible runners for pretty much every N64 game in existence.

Our Solution

Prestige Gaming’s current main focus is to place in the hands of competitive N64 players and N64 enthusiasts what we think is the best N64 joystick module replacement in the world.

In 2019, we successfully developed a module that we, and our customers, are not only proud of, but more importantly, has shown itself capable of achieving outstanding results. From numerous 1st place finishes at Super Smash Bros. 64 tournaments in singles and teams, to speedrun World Records and PBs in numerous games ranging from SM64 to MK64, the P64 module is undeniably a leader in this industry.

Going into 2022, our goal is to continue to build upon these past successes. We want to continue to both make significant product advances, as well as scale our company into something that can meet the enormous demand of our incredible customer base.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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