Owner/Founder: Matthew Gamelo

Matthew is a former competitor & TASer as part of the Toronto Super Smash Bros. 64 (SSB64) scene.

He competed in online N64 tournaments as early as 2007, and offline tournaments as early as 2011. He retired as of 2016 and attends tournaments primarily for fun nowadays.

Notable Tournament Results:


  • SID 7 (2012): 2nd
  • Impulse 2012: 3rd
  • Impulse 2013: 3rd
  • FLAOC 1 (2014): 2nd
  • FLAOC 15 (2015): 2nd
  • 2016 Toronto PR: 3rd


  • GOML 2016: Top 10

Relevant Interests: Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Precision Manufacturing, Product Design, Operations Management (Process Design, Supply Chain Management), Tribology, Machining, Prototyping, 3D Motion Simulation

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