2/20 Update

Ok, so where should I start with this update post?

I’ll go in order of priority (most important to address first):


– First things first, we are not a scam! Some people have been worrying about PayPal deadlines for opening up cases and such.
– If this is you, please keep in mind the following: we’ve already fulfilled over 45 module orders (25 Beta, 20 Official) at this point, along with dozens of custom button/controllers/steel bowl orders, and we continue to do so, with shipments as recent as TWO DAYS AGO.
– We ARE however, experiencing manufacturing difficulties and delays, which means that for those who placed an order LATER than others did (orders are fulfilled chronologically, to be fair to the customers who clicked FIRST), it has been taking more time than initially estimated to fulfill.
– Understandably, at this point, if you would like a refund, just contact us! We will be more than happy to process such requests for you immediately. We have no intent of “running away” with people’s money or whatever! Just contact us, and ask!
– Please note however, that due to high demand and reasons of fairness, we unfortunately CANNOT reserve spots if you drop out, as this would be unfair to the other customers who have expressed interest/unwavering commitment.
– If you do go through with a refund, you must acknowledge that you will PERMANENTLY lose your spot in line and your module. You may attempt to regain a spot in the future of course at the end of the line, on the assumption that we do end up opening the list in the future.
– As of right now, we have 75 modules left to fulfill. Until these 75 are complete, we will not be opening up the list. Our goal is to get these 75 out as fast as possible whilst maintaining only the highest of standards. Only after we have completed all the orders we have already taken, will we make considerations regarding opening up the list for more customers.
– HOWEVER, if a DROP OUT occurs, some of these spots will OPEN UP (the list will “move down” by the corresponding amount)
– Note that to date, we have actually had ZERO drop outs.
– We currently have a large number of people who have already stated via email they would be ready to pay immediately if such a spot opens up. I have added all such potential customer emails to a list. If you are interested in being added to this list, contact me!
– If a spot does open up, I will send a message to everyone on this email list to let them know, and on our product page the P64 Module will go back in stock in accordance with how many spot(s) open up.


– Understandably, people have expressed concerns regarding the frequency of updates we have provided. For the lack of frequent updates recently, I sincerely apologize.
– During December, I had to house and care for relatives for 2 weeks (could not do any work in home workshop during this time for housing reasons), and started experiencing diplopia (persistent double vision with far away lights, which I attribute to over-fatigue and eye strain due to looking at nearby objects for too long), for which I rested 1 week. Sadly, despite resting, the diplopia hasn’t gone away, but it mainly happens only with lights in dark environments, so hopefully it doesn’t end up being too big a deal. At close range, normal objects are pretty much still fine to see.
– By the time a month had passed, I had barely managed to scrape together Module 1016. As the first week of January closed, I became scared of what people would say about me completing only 1 module for the month.
– Then, 1017 and 1019 in particular gave me a lot of trouble, for varying reasons. Basically, each module presents itself to me as a plethora of problems to be solved, of which the cause(s) of the problems are unknown to me when I start each one. So first, I have to figure out what dimension/position/material flaw exists by examining each and every part. Then, assuming I’m right, the module may still not be perfect, so I have to repeat this problem solving process for EACH AND EVERY part of the module. This is a very difficult and mentally demanding task to fulfill!
– I have made adjustments to my process every so often. However, after completing these last 20, I have decided that a much more significant change to the manufacturing process is required, as I cannot keep executing this guessing-game of problem solving each module, as it takes days/weeks to solve one module at times. 1016, 1017, and 1019 took me about a week EACH to solve!
– Although the CURRENT method of playing the guessing game and problem solving each used module does end up being able to result in a perfect P64 module, it fails in two other respects: 1) Time to produce, 2) Mental labour required to execute
– To resolve this, I have determined that some of the parts (particularly, the gears and the top “dark grey piece”) MUST instead be produced NEW and with the highest resolution possible, instead of this unnecessarily inefficient process of starting with already used/damaged parts
– If we continue to utilize USED/already DAMAGED parts, the guessing-game and problem solving process must be done for each one, as literally anything could be wrong with them which ends up causing deadzone/feel/range issues, etc.
– Having to identify each and every problem, and then to execute the fix (restoration of a damaged part; and by the way some parts are often damaged beyond repair), is simply far too costly and inefficient.
– Furthermore, there obviously exists a finite supply of such parts, and so again this process is simply fundamentally inhibitory to the goal of creating a large supply in the first place
– The question is, how do I know we can actually recreate the parts to at least OEM quality or better when so many have failed thus far?


– We can start with some basic assumptions that are self-evidently true:
– First, the principle of unlimited money: given unlimited money, it is obvious that we could at the very least match OEM quality. This is because, obviously, with enough money nearly anything is possible, and furthermore, it’s not like the execution of these parts hasn’t already been done before, so this isn’t technically a new problem we’re solving — all of this lends credence to the idea that it is clearly possible to recreate perfectly given sufficient funding
– The questions, then, are simply: 1) how much exactly will it cost 2) who will make it 3) where will the money come from, and will there be enough demand to justify the investment?
– From conversing with several engineers, I believe it will cost somewhere in the five figures range to reproduce what I want at a quality that at least matches OEM
– Given that there are obviously numerous manufacturing companies capable of matching Nintendo’s part quality/resolution (for the right price), I’m confident I’d be able to research and find a manufacturer capable of such a feat, so long as I’m able to generate the funding required
– How will I obtain such funding? I have already begun the process of researching and applying to government business programs and will soon be having discussions with investors/banks and such regarding possible grants/loans/investments. If you are such an investor interested in the potential for this project by the way, please contact me (4-5 figure investments minimum).
– Finally, although demand so far isn’t obviously going to be able to match or exceed these investment costs, in my experience, every business needs to start small and at least win over a small group before they can expect to win over thousands plus. In my experience, and from what I’ve seen so far, in order to achieve really high demand, sometimes a really amazing but proven product with a >small group to start< is required first and foremost. It is often hard to get thousands of people to just say yes without things rolling at a small scale already.
– Furthermore, I really just have a vision I want to execute: for everyone to be able to access premium, beautiful, and precise modules at a basically never ending supply.
– So even if demand flops in the end, my primary goal is honestly to just make the above vision a reality, even if the profit ends up not being 100% there at first! I really just want to see this product happen!

  • Going forward, keeping up with the dozens of emails/inquiries has been difficult whilst maintaining weekly updates and focusing on the modules. The modules take a tremendous amount of focus to complete; it was very hard to juggle email replies and discussions in my head whilst trying to simultaneously problem solve each module, particularly 1016-1020. Thus, I have decided that I will commit to an update on the 1st of every month. I hope this is understandable.
  • To conclude, hopefully this suffices as an update for now, but as always you can contact me anytime at matthew.gamelo@prestige-gaming.ca. We have been receiving a heavy volume of inquiries recently, so sometimes I may need a few days to reply — if I haven’t gotten back to you immediately (e.g. that day), it doesn’t mean I haven’t read it/am ghosting you! I have replied to EVERY message I have received (I star all messages I have not followed up on), so you can be confident I will get back to you!
  • One final note is that I am very thankful to everyone who has stuck it out so far. Especially those who have not even complained a word at this point. I am very, very grateful and am working very, very hard to fulfill your orders as soon as possible. Your positivity and continued support is what is honestly fuelling me through these 12-14 hour workdays in order to see this project through to its end. Let’s see this product happen.

– Matt (Founder of PG)