Pre-order Cap for P64 Modules (Official Release versions) Raised to 100

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had an awesome summer so far!

The following post is a News Update for August 26, 2019:

1. Pre-Order Cap Raised

  • We are now able to confirm a new production capacity of 100 modules, therefore, the pre-order cap has been raised from 50 to 100 (total modules)!
  • The total number of modules each customer can pre-order has been raised from one (1) to four (4)
    • If you already pre-ordered a module from Wave 1, this means you can now pre-order a maximum of three (3) in addition to your Wave 1 order
  • Please see the important notes section at the bottom of this page for more details: 

2. FREE Lubrication + Range Test image now added to all pre-orders!

  • All pre-orders (both Wave 1 and Wave 2) now come with 1x Pack of Synthetic Grease + PTFE Lubrication and a Range Test Image extracted directly from a range test ROM on the actual N64 console
  • These will be included in all existing pre-orders and all new pre-orders at no extra charge

3. Wave 1 Production Status

  • As often as I can, I will provide module production status updates here in the News section of our website
  • All raw modules have been extracted & all of the relevant parts inside have been thoroughly cleaned


  • All white frost and jet black caps, as well as their respective cap screws, are now complete!


  • All Steel Sticks, Steel Bowls, Screw-In Nub Holders, and Teflon Tips are currently in the machining phase. Expected completion of machining: mid-September
    • This is a very, very precise and difficult process to execute, we please request for your patience as we will only ship parts that meet the highest of standards
    • Rushing/speeding up this process currently results in a significant drop in dimensional precision as well as finish quality, which I have decided is simply unacceptable

As always, if you have any questions/concerns, I am more than happy to respond! Simply email me at, or use the Contact Us feature on our website.

P.S. If you are moving addresses during September/October and need an address change, simply email me and the package will be shipped to your new address instead.